Complex Weavers Journal

“Encouraging curiosity, exploration, innovation in weaving,” Complex Weavers publishes articles from members within the organization. 3 issues in a year

Handwoven Magazine

A weaver’s companion, textile travelogue, pattern book, and weave structure textbook, Handwoven is a place to discover new patterns, learn to create original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. U.S. subscription. Five issues in a year, watch for specials


A digital weaving magazine, Heddlecraft targets weavers with four- and eight-shaft (or more) looms with focus on weaves and weaving techniques. Published six times a year.


Piecework provides information on techniques and expert tips and tricks for knitting, crochet, and embroidery, as well as articles about historical context.

PLY Magazine

Exploring spinning topics in depth, and at all skill levels. Also hosts the PLY Away annual spinning retreat.

Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot

The Handweavers Guild of America’s award-winning quarterly journal features a broad spectrum of articles about the fiber arts, including design, history, shows, education, products, books, national and international textile news, as well as updates about HGA programs and people, and information received from local and regional guilds. A subscription to Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine is included as a benefit of membership in HGA. 4 issues in a year.

The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Published on behalf of the Association of Guilds of Spinners Weavers and Dyers, this UK-based Journal covers a wide range of textile subjects, including articles on historic textile techniques and cutting edge modern design. 4 issues in a year.

VÄV – the magazine

A Scandinavian weaving magazine, available in English. 4 issues a year.

Weavecast, by Syne Mitchell

Weavecast is an internet-based talk radio show about handweaving. Each episode includes an interview with weavers about their craft, share the latest news from the weaving world, and tell tales from the weaving life.

Wild Fibers Magazine

Wild Fibers publishes an annual magazine focused on the world of natural fibers as part of its family of fiber-related businesses that include tours and cashmere products.