MAFA sponsors fiber-related programs and activities that may be photographed or videotaped for educational, publicity or fundraising purposes. Such photography may appear in print or digital form, in MAFA promotional materials, newsletters, posters, brochures, slide shows, social media posts or on websites.

Conference Attendees

By attending a MAFA conference, attendees must agree that any photographs taken at the conference that include the attendee and/or their work may be used in MAFA materials such as those listed above.

Attendee names will not be published without their express permission.

It will be the responsibility of attendees who wish not to be photographed to be aware of their surroundings, and to stay out of the frames of the photographers.

Conference Photo Release Policy

Attendees at a MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) conference, must agree to the following photography release before their registration will be processed:

  • As a participant, I understand that my image may be used in association with additional editorial or promotional materials without compensation or credit. In consideration of my appearance, and without my further consideration, I hereby grant permission to utilize my image in connection with said promotional and editorial materials in any and all manner and media through the world in perpetuity.
  • I expressly release MAFA and its volunteers from and against any claims that I have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation, or any other cause of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast, or exhibition of this event.
  • I agree that all resulting intellectual property is the sole property of MAFA.

Why do I need to agree to this photo release policy?

While we would like to ensure that no one who wishes not to be photographed will not be, we simply cannot offer that guarantee in the large public setting of our conference. The onus needs to be on the individual, and not on our photographers.

What if I don’t want to be in any photographs?

MAFA photographers will still be instructed to ask your permission before photographing you individually or in a classroom setting, and will, of course, respect your wishes. At other times, it will be your responsibility to watch out for photographers photographing large groups of people, and to move away if you want to get out of the photo.

What if I later see a photo of myself online that I don’t want there?

If, at any time after the conference, you see a photo on the MAFA website and wish it taken down, please contact the Conference Committee at, and we will ensure that it is removed.

Grant and Fellowship Function Attendees

Participants in activities funded by MAFA grants or fellowships will be asked to sign a similar agreement if written permission is required under the  Guild Grant/Fellowship Photo Consent Guidelines.

MAFA will not publish images containing clearly visible (unblurred) children’s faces without a signed release from the child’s parent or guardian.

See the complete  Guild Grant/Fellowship Photo Consent Guidelines.

For more information and/or to express any concerns, please contact