Along with their final reports, all Grant and Fellowship recipients need to submit photograph(s) or video of their projects for inclusion in MAFA’s website, publications, and/or social media.  When appropriate, images must be accompanied by Photo Release Form(s)  authorizing MAFA’s use.  It is the responsibility of the awardee to arrange for photography and to gather any releases, if required, in accordance with the following guidelines.

MAFA Photo Release Guidelines

MAFA Photo Release Guidelines (downloadable version)

All final reports of Grant and Fellowship projects shall be accompanied by photographs and/or video of the sponsored event.

Many organizations and venues have either a blanket photography policy or use their own photo release forms. However, these site-specific policies and forms do not necessarily authorize MAFA or your local guild to make use of the same images.  A separate MAFA photo release may be required.

We are aware that, generally speaking, photography is permitted at public events without prior permission. However, use of someone’s image on MAFA’s website or social media may still require a photo release.

You are expected to know and to follow any applicable regulations, guidelines or policies concerning photography at your event venue. Please ask about and comply with arrangements for individuals to opt out of photographs altogether.

When Releases are Required

  • Each photograph in the final report shall be accompanied by MAFA photo release(s) signed by every adult (or the parent/guardian of every child) who is individually identifiable in the image. “Individually identifiable” usually means a front or profile (side) view where all or most of the face is visible.
  • Images of children under 18 should always be accompanied by an individual release signed by a parent or guardian, even if the child’s face is not clearly visible.
  • Images of  instructor(s) or demonstrator(s) should also be accompanied by a release. Please ask an instructor’s permission before including images of their personal creative output (such as slides, drafts or samples) with your report.
  • Images focused on hands, feet or equipment, or a crowd scene taken from the back and/or a long range, often will not need photo releases.
  • Images may be cropped to reduce or eliminate the need for releases. However, digitally altering a photograph to blur or cover a person’s features is not a substitute for obtaining a signed release.

If attendance is limited, you may incorporate the text of MAFA’s photo release into a sign-in sheet rather than obtaining individual forms.  The text should appear on each sign-in page.  Make sure participants realize they are agreeing to MAFA’s use of the images.

Thank you for your assistance. Submitting authorized photography contributes greatly to MAFA’s publicity and outreach activities.

MAFA welcomes suggestions for clarification or improvement of these guidelines. Please direct any questions or suggestions regarding this photo release policy to