Barbara Cabral

Barbara Cabral received her MA from the University of Akron researching the use of madder in Ohio coverlets. She taught Contemporary Needle Arts at the U of Akron and also taught in Tallin, Estonia where she collected Estonian textiles and traditional card-weaving. She lectures on textile topics including Pictorial Needle Felting, Khmer Hol (Ikat), Shibori & Natural Dyes, Working with Lotus Fiber and Silk.

Since the early 1980s, her work has been exhibited in Ohio, and more recently in Florida. In 2020 she received 1st place in the HGA fashion show “Seasons of the Smokies” for a woven and needle felted cloak. Raising silkworms since 2013 led her to visit Thailand and Cambodia visiting many textile venues, meeting with weavers, dyers, golden silkworm farmers and conservators. She continues to visit Cambodia to study Khmer Hol (Ikat) and is now available for lectures and workshops on Khmer weaving.