Carol James

Carol James has been exploring low-tech, easily transportable textile methods for 30 years. She has examined textiles in collections across North American and Europe working with institutions such as the U.S. National Park Service, Parks Canada, the Norwegian Army Museum, and the German Archaeology Institute. She has reverse-engineered a number of items in these collections, developing a pattern-writing method to record and replicate the items. Her work includes making replicas of a sash for George Washington’s Mount Vernon, a replica of a 1,000 year old cotton shirt for the Arizona State Museum, and numerous bonnets from Egyptian collections.

Described by students as extremely patient, Carol has taught extensively across North America, the U.K., and New Zealand, including at conferences organized by the Arizona Federation of Handweavers, the Northern California Handweavers, the Midwest Weavers, and the Intermountain Weavers, as well as HGA. She is the author of three books and two instructional DVDs.