Constance Hall

For Constance Hall, teaching, learning, and creating are a way of life. Learning to crochet at age five set her up for a lifetime of creativity. After being a glassblower and running her hot shop for 30 years, she has returned to her first crush, fiber, for the joy of doing it. For her, rigid heddle weaving takes the great yarns that are readily available and transforms them into magical woven cloth–almost instant gratification and worth a lifetime of study.

Constance has published articles in Spin Off, Creative Knitting, Little Looms, and Handwoven magazines, as well as provided Krokbragd patterns for rigid heddle looms for Schacht Spindle Company (Boulder, Colo.).

She has taught at Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair (Newark, Ohio), The Woolery (Frankfort, Ky.), Wool Gathering (Yellow Springs, Ohio), Kentucky Sheep and Fiber (Lexington, Ky.), Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF), (Asheville, N.C.), Estes Park (Estes, Colo.), and Midwest Weavers 2017-2019, NEWS 2023, MAFA 2023.