Jill Staubitz

Jill Staubitz fell in love with weaving about twelve years ago when she retired from her career in graphic design. The two disciplines overlap perfectly through her love for color, pattern, and the design process. Jill’s classes focus on aiding weavers in understanding weave structures. The pandemic led Jill to launch her Modern Weaver Facebook page with the intent of building a community of weavers desiring to connect with others around the globe. Jill loves teaching structures in a simple, understandable way. It is her greatest delight when participants come away from my presentations and workshops with a clear understanding and feel confident enough to create their own cloth.

Jill’s weaving has appeared in Long Thread Media’s Handwoven and Little Looms Magazines. She has taught virtual and in-person workshops to weaving guilds and groups around the US on a variety of topics such as Understanding Overshot, Summer and Winter Fundamentals, Designing 8 Shaft Huck Lace, Blending and Turning a Draft, Understanding Block Weaves and Profile Drafts.

She has been a presenter at MAFA’s Virtual Workshops and HGA’s Spinning and Weaving Week, as well as guilds across the country, including New York and Boston, and she is teaching a workshop on Summer and Winter at HGA’s Convergence in 2024. Jill designs weaving patterns for WEBS throughout the year and has recently been teaching weave-along workshops for them.