Kwasi Asare

Kwasi Asare is a master weaver of exquisite handwoven Kente cloth. He originates from Ghana in West Africa, and has had experience teaching his craft all around the country.

Kwasi takes delight in sharing his craft and often times relates the creation of his designs to mathematical concepts since he also teaches Math. He has led workshops at the Smithsonian Institution specifically the Museum of African Art in Washington DC as well as taken part in festivals such as the National Black Arts festival in Denver Colorado amongst others.

Kwasi’s workshops are more than presentations. His work is a vehicle for dispensing new ways of integrating mind, body and spirit and developing a greater awareness through art,symbolism and self expression. Much of Kwasi’s work involves making these African traditions more accessible to people in the western world. His workshops have something to offer to people of all ages and backgrounds. He is very excited about this opportunity to share this craft through this workshop.