Laurie Duxbury

Laurie Duxbury lives and works at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. As a child she was fascinated by all things fiber, particularly when visiting Colonial Williamsburg. She learned to spin first, on a spinning wheel built by her grandfather. Spinners hang out with weavers and spinning became the entry drug as she developed her fiber habit. She has been weaving for over 30 years.

Through conferences, weaving schools, and community college, she learned to develop her own weaving voice. Laurie shows and sells her work regionally and has taught across the U.S. As a teacher, she hopes each student understands what draws them to their craft. Her goal is for them to begin to understand what they love about weaving, and to develop the tools they need to express themselves through weaving. Her favorite moments are when a student has an ‘aha’ experience. Then she knows that a weaver has been inspired to continue in their growth as a craftsperson.