Patsy Sue Zawistoski

Are you ready for luxurious, elegant, and stunning, as descriptors for your handspun yarns? Patsy Z is an innovative international teacher and lecturer throughout the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, and Sydney, Australia.
For almost 40 years, Patsy has created spinning and weaving classes presented at guilds and conferences large and small. During the past few years, she added virtual instruction, focusing on teaching personalized, close-up techniques as her husband provided the camera work for her live classes. Loving all the fibers she maintains a wide focus while spinning multiple-ply yarns for variety and excitement.

The workshops are structured with yarn samples pages that can be stored for future reference. Each workshop has a dedicated full-length booklet. Patsy’s goals include teaching students how to understand the mechanics of yarn structure affect their yarns using clear concise explanations. With a BA in Education, she understands the importance of different learning styles: the written word, oral, visual, and hands on.

Interweave Press and Victorian Video Productions choose her to teach six of their very popular spinning workshop DVDs and videos. She has authored a How-to-Teach series, a Q&A column, book reviews, and multiple single topic articles for PLY magazine, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Spin-Off magazine, Handwoven, Fiberline, and Creative Fibre, a New Zealand publication.