Sydney Sogol

Sydney Sogol, the weaver and dyer of Syd’s Threads, explores color and pattern interactions in her work. She creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces inspired by her years of studying art, ornithology, and marine biology. Each piece she creates in her home studio pay homage and bring attention to that creature’s natural beauty and unique story. To this end, she hand paints and dyes yarn that mimics the gorgeous colors found in birds and ocean creatures. Sydney then combines these colors with the complex, original patterns she designs for her 24, 16, and 8-shaft looms to create stunning accessories and woven paintings.

Sydney obtained a B.A. in Weaving and Minor in Biology from Earlham College, and Masters of Fine Art in Textile Design from East Carolina University. She has been teaching weaving and dyeing for over eight years, both privately and in high school and college classes.