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Weaver Alice Garbarino
Source The Weaver's Idea Book, Jane Patrick
Yarn cotton, worsted-weight knitting
EPI 11
Purpose Towels
Guild South Jersey Guild of Spinners & Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2019 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 2
Weave Name 3/1 Lace
Weave Category Plain Simple

Weaver Notes

The colors and pattern I used were based on a towel that I saw at Red Stone Glenn last year. The pattern is from Jane Patrick’s _The Weaver’s Idea Book – Creative Cloth on A Rigid Heddle Loom_. I have used this pattern many times both in towels and also scarves. It is easy to follow and looks way more complicated than it really is. I love the versatility of the rigid heddle loom as I also did a plain weave towel on the same warp without the pick-up stick. The only difficulty I had was trying to translate the rigid heddle structure to the drawdown documents suggested. I hope this all makes sense to anyone wanting to weave this same pattern.


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