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Weaver Pat Bitting
Source Inspired by Weaving on 3 Shafts by Erica de Ruiter (tabby) and Weaving Textiles that Shape Themselves by Ann Richards (waffle)
Yarn warp: 22/2 cottolin; weft: 22/2 cottolin (body), 16/2 cotton (hems)
EPI 24 (tabby)|32 (waffle)
Purpose Towels
Guild Central PA Guild of Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 8
Weave Name Waffle weave
Weave Category Twill Simple

Weaver Notes

This towel is a design to combine waffle and tabby. I used five shafts for the waffle areas and three shafts for the tabby areas. For the waffle areas I sett the ends at 32 epi, tighter than the tabby areas of 24 epi. I also added several different colors for the waffle stripes while the majority of the warp is a dark neutral color.

Warp: 22/2 cottolin. Colors: tobacco 2017, maize, gold 2054, orange 2015, aqua 2032, pine 2065

Weft: Hem: 16/2 cotton, orange 62. Body: 22/2 cottolin. Colors: ochre 2011, maize, gold 2054, orange 2015, aqua 2032, pine 2065

Before washing: 21 7/8 inches wide and 36 1/4 inches long
After washing: 20 inches wide and 32 1/4 inches long

Warm water; regular cycle; iron while damp; no dryer


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