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Weaver Elisa Mui Eiger
Source Original Design
Yarn 5/2 Cotton, metallic
EPI 20
Purpose Towels
Guild Central Virginia Fiberarts Guild|Essex County Spinners|Jockey Hollow Weavers Guild|New York Guild of Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 4
Weave Name Twill
Weave Category Twill Simple

Weaver Notes

Traditional twill threadings like the Ms & Ws I used lend themselves to treadling variations. This towel includes straight, point, as-drawn-in, and several variations I “unvented” while playing around with Fiberworks. In the MAFA Samples Database, there is a second .wif file showing all the treadlings I considered when designing this towel. (Remember to add tabby if you used the overshot treadling at the end.) Of course, you can also create treadling variations at the loom by alternating odd and even treadles as the spirit moves you, or by applying concepts from structures such as overshot. I hope that this towel inspires you to create something that is uniquely yours.

I’m also using this warp to weave my swatches for Jockey Hollow Weavers’ annual exchange; this year’s theme is “Red,” for the guild’s 40th (ruby) anniversary. (2021 is also the ruby anniversary of the first MAFA conference; JHW’s founders were inspired to create a guild in their area after attending the conference.) And, being a lazy weaver, I’m also using this warp to weave additional squares for Violet Protest, a public art project created by Ann Morton. (

Sett: 20 epi (2/dent in 10-dent reed)
Ends: (22 ends/repeat * 16 repeats) + 11 (M to balance) + 24 (border) = 387 
WIR: 19.65″
Hem: 1/2″ turned hem -> 1.5″. Wove in a scrap piece of 5/2 to mark the folds; pulled this yarn right before pressing the hem just prior to machine-sewing.
Border: 12 picks, about 1/2″
Edge pattern : 3.5″
Band pattern: ~ 2″ (49 picks)
Body pattern: 12.5″
4 picks of plainweave metallic to separate patterns
Mirror second half (which I did not do as precisely as I had intended.)

Used a weighted floating selvage. Draw-in was greater than expected; used a temple. Shrinkage after machine washing and drying was 10% widthwise and negligible lengthwise (which makes me suspect I mis-measured when it was on the loom; I would have expected 10-15%).


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