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Weaver Nancy Everham
Source Weavezine, Summer 2008, "Magic Step Towels" by Erica de
Yarn warp: 8/2 cotton, 1/12 cottolin, cotton boucle; weft: 8/2 cotton
EPI 20
Purpose Towels
Guild Harmony Weavers Guild|New York Guild of Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 8
Weave Name Basket Weave
Weave Category Plain Simple

Weaver Notes

Hems are in plain weave using quilting weight sewing thread—weave 1/2″, insert thicker white yarn, another 1/2″ and another thicker yarn, and the last 1/2″. That gives a crisp fold line (after pulling out the thicker threads) for your hems.

Cotton bouclé (teal) in warp is a bear to wind on—lots of patience needed! You will need floating selvages. This can easily be converted to 2 or 4 shafts.

Colors were inspired after seeing a picture of a colorful snake:


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