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Weaver Nancy Shiffrin
Source Original Design
Yarn 8/2 Cotton
EPI 20
Purpose Towels
Guild Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 16
Weave Name Twill
Weave Category Twill Simple

Weaver Notes

This towel was woven on a long warp of 496 threads in a 2 block design. Each block uses 8 shafts in a straight threading. I used several tie-ups to vary the look of each towel, and even included a tabby with one or two of them in the treadling.

I love towels with hanging loops, so I wove a narrow band on an inkle loom to sew into the hem. The threads on this are 10/2 cotton, with 8/2 color accents matching some of the weft colors.


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