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Weaver Katy Clements
Source Original Design
Yarn 8/2 Cotton
EPI 24
Purpose Towels
Guild New York Guild of Handweavers
Collection MAFA 2023 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 6
Weave Name Basket Weave
Weave Category Plain Simple

Weaver Notes

This pattern is based on a draft that Robyn Spady sent me for my participation in her MAFA 2023 class ‘Pictures, Piles, Potpourri, and Perplexing Curiosities.’ She titled the structure “Better Than Basket Weave Basket Weave.”

I used two threads for each floating selvage. After taking off the loom, I serged the ends of each towel, folded the hem, and used the ‘stitch in the ditch’ technique with a straight stitch.

Very enjoyable to weave!


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