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Weaver Angela Collison
Source Susan Foulkes’ “Striped twill handtowel.” Published in Vav Magasinet, vol. 2011-1, p. 50. Second place winner of Vav’s yearly handtowel competition.
Yarn 8/2 Cotton
EPI 24
Purpose Towels
Guild Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore
Collection MAFA 2023 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 2
Weave Name Reverse Pointed Twill
Weave Category Twill Simple

Weaver Notes

410 warp ends total. 408 for pattern, plus one extra at each selvedge. Draft adapted for cotton instead of linen/cotolin.

Woven using picks of sewing thread at each end to create fold lines for the hem. Sewing thread was removed prior to turning and sewing hem by machine.

Warp was standard 8/10 cotton, unmercerized.

Weft was 10/2 Peru Naturtex Partners 100% organic cotton.


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