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Weaver Alison Ginn
Source Original Design
Yarn 8/2 Unmercerized cotton
EPI 20
Purpose Towels
Guild Associate Member
Collection MAFA 2023 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 5
Weave Name Turned Taquete/Jin
Weave Category Plain Simple

Weaver Notes

Our weaving study group had a challenge to design and weave something using a given simple profile draft.
I decided to give myself a further challenge by using a weave structure that I had not or had rarely used, and chose turned taqueté.
I used three colours in the warp – white/blue for one block and green/white for the other. I wove three tea towels each using one of the three colours for the weft and chose the one with white weft for this exchange.

The towels seem a little soft to me. So, if I were to weave these again, I might try using a sett of 22 epi and 22 ppi.


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