Three Rivers Fiber Focus

Founded in June 2018, our group focuses on many facets of the fiber arts including: crocheting, knitting, weaving tapestry, weaving, spinning processed and raw wool.

Our goal is to promote, educate and support the various and sundry fiber arts and crafts activities in the Pittsburgh-area fiber community. Here are some of our 2019 programs and events as an example of our activities:

  • Sam Rose on “Preparing Items for an Art Show”
  • Susan Kesler-Simpson, author of “Overshot Simply”
  • Angela Fishman & Jean Chestnut on “Beginners Drop Spindling”.
  • Sam Rose running in the 2019 Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland. This race raises money to support the Bod of Gremista Shetland Textile Museum. The museum is dedicated to the history of weaving and textile heritage in Shetland. It differs from the Shetland Museum & Archives in that not only is it a community museum dedicated to the textiles of the islands, but it also fosters and promotes fiber skills versus being just a repository.

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