Allen B. Carr Works in Wood

With a life-long background of working in wood, and a fiber artist spouse, I have taken working with wood, wood working and wood turning into the area of well thought out and creative tools for the fiber artist.

Picking up a piece of wood to a wood turner is like a fiber artist holding a skein of yarn or a hand full of unspun fiber. Each piece has its own destination and natural beauty. All of my work is completed in its own natural form – no stains or dyes – with occasional enhancements of semi-precious stone fillers or metal inlays used in wood that came from across the U.S. and some imported exotics.

The tools are designed for practical ease of use and at the same time highlighting the beauty that nature provides within the wood. Many of my items are enhanced with woodburning designs by my granddaughter Taylor Lawton

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Contact: Allen Carr
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
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