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They sell yarn, fiber, tools, equipment and other items that complement the weaving, spinning and dyeing classes taught during the conference.

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A Touch of Twist

Schacht, Louet and Ashford sales and service.

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Bosworth - bosworth_logo

Bosworth Spindles

Handmade top whorl spindles, charkhas, boat shuttles, and niddy-noddies. VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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Clemes - clemes_logo2

Clemes & Clemes

We have everything you need to get from sheep to shawl: fleece, equipment, books, and more! VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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DarnGoodYarn - darn_good_logo

Darn Good Yarn

Colorful yarn, fibers, and clothing that is handmade out of recycled materials by our artisans all around the world. VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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HipStrings - hipstrings_logo


Tools and supplies for all of the fiber arts – spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, felting and dyeing.

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Greeneland - Greeneland_logo

Inkle Designer 1-2-3

Inkle Designer 1-2-3 is an iPad and iPhone app for designing inkle bands and keeping track of your row while weaving.

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LoftyFiber - lofty_logo


LoftyFiber offers looms, weaving accessories and yarns. Our specialties are weaving technology — TempoTreadle and TempoWeave. VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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LunaticFringe - Lunatic-Publication-Logo-400x400-1

Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Unique Yarns for Unique People. A carefully curated collection of gorgeous yarns and the equipment you need to use them. MAFA COUPON! VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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Opalessence - opal_logo

Opalessence Fiber Studio

Hand-dyed yarn and fiber, used books, used and new fiber equipment, handwoven house items and clothing

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Seguin - seguin_logo2

Séguin Looms

Computerized looms and sectional beam warper motor. VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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SketchLooms - sketchloom_logo

Sketch Looms

Small adjustable weaving looms, ergonomic beaters, drop spindles, flat beaters, flat shuttles, swords and needles. VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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StephenWillette - willette-logo

Stephen Willette

Fiber Art Tools for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers. MAFA COUPON! VIRTUAL BOOTH!

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SweetHorse - sweet-horse-profile

Sweet Horse Design Co

Dyeing beautiful yarns and fibers for over 35 years. Always adding new inventory, we custom dye in small quantities in over 120 colorways.

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Teaching is our greatest passion at Vävstuga. High quality Swedish yarns from Bockens and Borgs. Glimåkra and Öxabäck floor looms.

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WeaverHouse - weaver_house_logo

Weaver House

Carefully curated specialty yarns and fibers sourced from around the world, hand-selected goods, crafting materials, looms and weaving equipment. MAFA DISCOUNT!

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WildHare - wildhare-logo

Wild Hare Fiber Studio

Indie handspun art yarn, hand dyed roving, spinning tools

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WindmillCrest - windmill_logo

Windmill Crest Farms

Alpaca yarn and roving. Schacht weaving tools. Wooden crochet hooks. Felted pictures and plush animals. MAFA DISCOUNT!

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