Nistock Farms – VIRTUAL

Our own Cotswold (a heritage sheep breed!) fleeces, roving, yarn in several weights (natural and dyed) for knitting, weaving and rug punching/hooking, large spinning/felting batts, curls, handwoven blankets.

Our own line of hand crafted fiber tools – the Quad Kate (4 bobbin lazy kate), digital skein winders, blending boards and teasing boards, frames for rug hooking, punch needle embroidery and Oxford rug punching.

Also wool quilt batting, moth repellent essential oils, dyed and natural silk hankies and top, Unicorn fiber washing products, books/magazines/DVDs for the fiber artist, sundry other fiber goodies.

Students! Are you taking Start to Spin, and More! (#201) – our Cotswold roving is very beginner friendly.  Are you signed up for Come Ply With Me? (#202) – our four bobbin lazy kate will handle all your plying needs.  Our Cotswold wool will really shine (pun intended!) in your weaving when you put your knowledge from Worsted, Woolen, Woven (#205) into practice. And use our curly Cotswold locks to implement your ideas after you take Needle Felting: Finishing and Embellishing Textiles (#401). Can’t find something you need? Ask us – we might have it!

We are a Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em provider for Cotswold.

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Vendor Booth: Virtual
Contact: Robin Nistock
Location: Prattsburgh, NY
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