A Workshop Just For You

Registrations open Friday to the public for MAFA’s biennial conference, United in Fiber to be held June 27-30, 2019 at Millersville University in Millersville, Pa. (Until then, registrations are limited to members of MAFA-affiliated guilds in the Mid-Atlantic region.)

And many workshops–all targeted to fiber artists–have openings. Here is a short list of those just waiting for you:

WeavingSpinning, Dyeing, Felting, etc.
101 Beginning weaving
103 Creative Exploration
105 Five Point Twills
106 Scottish Weaving
107 Tapestry Cartoon
108 Awasqa Backstrap
110 Double Fun
111 Weave Saori
114 3Ds of 3-D
118 Design Next Level
119 Beyond Rectangle
121 Three Workshops
122 Older Weave
123 Inlay Rag Rugs
202 Spin Silk
204 Art Yarn
201 Beginning Spinning
206 Spin-It Weave-It
203 - Shetland Fleece
205 Colorplay
302 Dyeing To Spin
304 Redding
301 Natural Dye
401 Hand Felted Bags
402 Next Gen
502 Punch Needle Rug
501 Sanquhar Gloves
503 Twined Rag Rugs
505 Temari