MAFA conferences offer fiber artists a unique and in-depth workshop experience. Working under the tutelage of world-class instructors, attendees focus on their discipline of choice over a three-day period.

And because conferences–like the entire organization itself–are led solely by volunteers, MAFA is able to offer affordable workshops, food and housing for the event.

Held in the summer of odd-numbered years, the conference has been located at Millersville University, Millersville, Penn. since 2015.

MAFA traces its origins to 1980 when two neighboring guilds accidentally scheduled major workshops on the same day. The host guilds  reasoned that by working together they could offer higher quality educational opportunities. This cooperation led to the founding of the MidAtlantic Fiber Association, followed soon afterwards by the biennial conferences. Although MAFA provides financial support to guilds in the form of grants to promote educational outreach, its biennial conferences remain a key focus of the organization’s mission. Click here for more historical details.