The 2021 Kitchen Towel Exchange is generously sponsored by Beth Palmer on behalf of MAFA Associate Members everywhere.


Let’s continue the Kitchen Towel Exchange tradition we began in 2019. It was fun, inspiring to see all those treasures, and we all learned so much. It may be a bit more challenging to do this by mail, but we are up for it. So, reserve a spot on your loom and spare some warp to create a towel for trading with another weaver!

How will this work?

Each participant will weave a towel, complete an online information form, and mail it to the organizers – the Fredericksburg (VA) Spinners and Weavers Guild is coordinating the exchange. Once received, towels will be photographed for digital display, creation of an e-book, and entry in the MAFA Sample Database. Towels will be randomly assigned to their new owners and mailed to them. Costs are minimal – you provide your own materials and mail the towel to the exchange organizers, MAFA will mail your new towel to you.

Download the MAFA 2019 Towel Exchange eBook here


Entry Submission Requirements and Information:

Entries to the 2021 Kitchen Towel Exchange will open January 15, 2021 and close when the exchange is full, or midnight, March 31, 2021

  • Open to the first 80 MAFA members, Associate members, or 2021 MAFA instructors to sign up online.
  • One entry per person – welcoming all levels of weavers.
  • Width – minimum finished width of 18 inches (bear this in mind during planning stages – you may want at least 20 inches width on the loom).
  • Length – finished length after hemming of 25 inches minimum (bear this in mind during planning stages – you may want to weave at least 30 inches on the loom).
  • Colors – weaver’s choice.
  • Weave structure – weaver’s choice (does NOT need to be an original design).
  • Fiber content – cotton, cottolin, linen, hemp, or ramie. Accent fibers (optional) should not exceed approximately 5% of the total fibers used.
  • Hems – weaver’s choice (fringed, hemstitched, turned hem, etc.).
  • Complete an online project sheet (a PDF version will be made available). If you use a pattern that is not your own original, be sure to cite the creator.
  • Label your towel before mailing it with your full name and the name of your guild.

Keep in mind the following dates:

  • Register by midnight March 31, 2021 (we may close early if full).
  • Towels and the online project sheet MUST be received by the organizers no later than May 1, 2021.
  • Towels will be mailed to their new owners by May 31, 2021.
  • An e-book of all the towels and their project sheets will be available by the conference.

Information Requested on the Project Info Form:

    • Contact info
    • Fibers and/or materials and techniques used
    • Number of shafts, sett, epi
    • Design, pattern, and source
    • Draft and treadling: we will ask you to upload or email a file showing the draft, tie-up, and treadling used for this towel. Files in .wif format are preferred, but this may also be a .pdf, .jpeg, or .png of your draft (whether hand-drawn or computer-generated). You can scan the draft or take a picture of it (even with your phone). If you are hand-drawing your draft, consider using one of these drawdown blanks:
      4-shaft drawdown (PDF)
      8-shaft drawdown (PDF)
      4-shaft drawdown (Word)
      8-shaft drawdown (Word)

Questions? Contact the Towel Exchange Coordinator at

IF YOU HAVE ENTERED, please submit your 2021 Towel Project Info Form Here