Before applying, please review the grant program requirements and the downloadable  Grant Application Preview. You can save your work and return to it later, using the link at the bottom of the page.

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MAFA Grant Application

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Early Decision
Projects will be reviewed throughout the year as long as funds are available. To ensure consideration, apply as early as possible for the year.

Part I. Organization and Contact Information

MAFA Affiliation*
Confirm Non-Profit Status*
Grants are limited to not-for-profit organizations operating within the MAFA region. These organizations can take several forms.
For state-registered non-profits only.
The individual primarily responsible for communicating with MAFA and ensuring grant requirements are met.
Name and Address for Payments*
Mailing address for grant payments.

Part II: Project Proposal

Provide a brief description of your grant project for the MAFA website.
What are you hoping to accomplish? What will constitute success? Describe your target audience. How many people do you expect to reach?
Tell us who, what, where and when. Explain any details (such as specific dates or locations) to be determined later.
How will you evaluate the project’s success? Plan to incorporate evaluation results into your final report.
How will you promote the project or event? Explain how MAFA’s financial assistance will be acknowledged.
If your project involves launching or expanding an ongoing activity (such as a fiber arts center or fiber fair), explain your plan for securing future operating funds.
For educational activities, such as classes and workshops, state the experience level or other prerequisites expected of participants. What are the intended learning outcomes?

Part III. Project Budget

Please include estimates of all expenses and a funding plan. Explain the basis for your estimates. Your funding plan should account for: 1) funds requested from MAFA, 2) matching/additional funds, and 3) funds generated by the project itself (such as registration or supply fees). Note: Funding from all sources should equal expenses.
Max. file size: 5 MB.
Include matching funds, vendor discounts or in-kind contributions, such as free use of a venue or donated equipment and supplies. NOTE: Grants are distributed 50% at award and 50% upon acceptance of a final report. How will project expenses be covered in the meantime?
If the project generates money (such as through sales or registration fees) not already accounted for in your project budget, how will that money be used? For example, the break-even point for a workshop may be six registrations, but you have room for ten.
May be used to provide additional supporting documentation or photographs.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 15 MB, Max. files: 3.

    Part IV. Selection Criteria

    Please describe how your project will contribute to one or more of MAFA’s organizational objectives: 1) To promote education in the fiber arts; 2) to plan, organize, and conduct fiber arts conferences; and 3) to facilitate communication among member guilds.
    Please explain the expected public impact of your project. MAFA Guilds, please explain how your project will benefit non-members and/or other guilds.
    MAFA welcomes the opportunity to fund projects aimed at building a more inclusive community, making fiber arts education more widely available, and lowering barriers to access. Please explain how your project will benefit those with limited opportunities to participate in fiber arts.

    Part V. Acknowledgements

    By submitting this application, I acknowledge that:
    • I have read and understood the Grant Program Guidelines on the MAFA website.
    • MAFA grant funds will be used solely for approved expenses as detailed in the project budget, and any unspent funds will be returned to MAFA (unless MAFA agrees otherwise).
    • The final grant report will include 3-6 photographs documenting the grant project. The Project Director will obtain photo releases, as appropriate, under MAFA’s photo release guidelines.
    Email (for receipt)*
    A copy of the submitted application will be emailed to this address. If it does not arrive, please check your SPAM filter and then contact