Suzi Ballenger

Suzi Ballenger was born and raised in Indiana. She completed her BA at Keene State College in New Hampshire and her MFA in Artisanry-Fibers from UMass-Dartmouth. She has worked in New England as a weaver and teaching artist since 1996; published for Handwoven magazine and The Textile Society of America; and has patented and trademarked specialized tools for weaving.

Suzi and her husband have a small production studio located in an old mill/artist community in Rhode Island where they weave specialty fabrics such as linen bed covers, madras-style towels, pillows, and lap blankets. Along with weaving and teaching, her other interests are papermaking, gardening, swimming in the ocean, and growing marigold, indigo, and woad for dyeing. Suzi currently serves on the board of directors of the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.