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Weaver Denise W. Kash
Source Davison, A Handweaver's Pattern Book, "Finnish Monk's Belt," treadling I, p. 107
Yarn warp: 10/2 unmercerized cotton; weft: 8/2 cotton or Conshohocken 'Softball'
EPI 24
Purpose Towels
Guild Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 4
Weave Name Monk's Belt
Weave Category Twill Compound elements

Weaver Notes

I made 6 towels on this warp. For all the towels except this one, I used 8/2 cotton. On this towel, I used a thicker cotton (Conshohocken ‘Softball’ cotton, color 088 – cherry). It made the whole towel very fluffy and I loved it.


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