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Weaver Jeanne Ralston
Source Original Design
Yarn 20/2 Cotton tabby; 8/2 Cotton pattern
EPI 30
Purpose Towels
Guild Richmond Weavers Guild
Collection MAFA 2021 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 4
Weave Name Overshot
Weave Category Twill Simple

Weaver Notes

I used a Josephine Estes miniature, “Cambridge Beauty” (, to design this towel. I added some striped segments that altered the miniature repeats to create the structured effect I was seeking in the towel.

735 ends plus 2 FS each side.

I played with the treadling to create many different versions of the towels. The draft shows the treadling for the main pattern repeat. For the towel submitted, I used a segment of the treadling repeat for the border along each edge of the towel and then wove some plain weave with striping before starting to weave the main pattern repeat.


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