Marling Originals

I am a marbled silk fiber artist. I have been creating my garments for over 20 years. Each garment begins as a piece of white silk. I marble the pattern onto the silk, then rake and comb the paints into patterns. I lay the piece of white silk (or sometimes cotton) on top of the floating pattern and it picks up the fabulous pattern. I then cut and sew these pieces of silk into garments. Every garment I create is an original piece of art – no two are ever exactly alike.

My booth will have: marbled silk tops, jackets, dresses, scarves, tunics, and wall hangings, as well as marbling instruction kits and bag project kits.

Marling - mid day blues silk top 1 of 1   Marling - coral sands tunic 1 of 1   Marling - ocean blues kimono set with more white 1 of 1

Vendor Booth: 14
Contact: Susan Marling
Location: Acworth, GA
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