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Weaver Kathleen Kalmar
Source Marjie Thompson Workshop, "Forgotten Weaves"
Yarn blue 16/2 and white 20/2 cotton warp; white 20/2 cotton weft
EPI blue is 60, white is 30
Purpose Towels
Guild MAFA Associate Member
Collection MAFA 2019 Towel Exchange
# Shafts 8
Weave Name Dimity
Weave Category Plain Compound weaves

Weaver Notes

Towel is 8 repeats plus 18 ends to balance. Was 17.83″ in 15 dent reed. The warp had 418 ends of white 20/2 @ 30 EPI and 272 ends of 16/2 blue @ 60 EPI.

From the manuscripts of J. P. Meyer and F. Walbert and Jacob Angstadt. I got this draft from a Marjie Thompson workshop.


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