Towel Exchange E-Book Now Available

Photos of the towels exchanged during the MAFA 2019 Towel Exchange, along with their related drafts and weavers’ notes, have been collected into an electronic booklet that can now be accessed on the MAFA website. The book can be found under the Resources tab in the Samples and Exchanges category (or click the image below.)

Click to view towel exchange e-book

MAFA 2019 introduced a towel exchange for the first time and the 75 participants produced a wide range of beautiful and unique towels. Special thanks to Coordinator Aileen Campbell and her committee for organizing the exchange and the collection of materials, and to former president Elisa Eiger for editing the photos, drafts and weavers’ notes.

MAFA has a small group working on digitizing more of our historical woven samples so that they can be shared with our broader fiber community. We hope to include the ability to display guild samples as well. For more information or to join the working group, contact Karen Miller at