We are delighted to announce the Fashion Show and Exhibit have been sponsored by Harmony Weavers Guild.2021-Sponsor-Logos - HWG50


Once again, the 2021 Conference will include a Fashion Show and Exhibit. Of course, this year it will all be virtual! 
All garments and accessories submitted will be part of our virtual exhibit which will be hosted on the MAFA website and premiered on opening day of the conference. The virtual Fashion Show will feature representative works from the Fashion Exhibit and will include a brief video of the garment using photos of the work and a pre-recorded segment of the garment being modeled. To be considered for the Fashion Show, participants must be willing to submit a short video of the garment being modeled. Recommendations on creating this video will be provided.

Entry Submission Requirements and Information:

Entries to the 2021 Fashion Show and Exhibit will open January 15, 2021 and must be completed online by midnight, May 15, 2021

  • One entry per MAFA member or conference attendee may be submitted.
  • Instructors may participate in the exhibit but are not eligible for awards
  • An entry may be any wearable garment, ensemble, or accessory.
  • Our goal is to highlight originality in fashion. Items made from commercially available kits or following a published pattern draft without modifications are not acceptable. If made in a workshop, the item must demonstrate a significant amount of originality to be acceptable for this exhibit.
  • All work must have been created by the entrant within the past 2 years (since the 2019 MAFA Conference), and the item must be complete by the entry deadline.
  • All applicable areas of the entry form must be filled in as completely as possible.

Information Requested on the Entry Form:

  • Contact info
  • Garment info – type, materials, and techniques used
  • Inspiration – describe what inspired you to create this item
  • Design or pattern
  • Images – suggested views include:
    • Front of entry
    • Back of entry
    • Entry being worn, required (can count as front or back photo)
    • At least one close-up detail shot
    • Work in progress, i.e. on the loom
    • Inspiration for entry

The entry form for the Fashion Show and Exhibit is here.

Questions? Contact the Fashion Show Coordinator at fashion.show@mafafiber.org.