Kitchen Towel Exchange Entry Rules, Requirements and Information:

Show off your weaving and towel making skills by having a good old-fashioned kitchen towel exchange. Everyone who participates takes home a new addition to brighten up their kitchen! During the conference, all towels submitted will be on display for all conference-goers to enjoy.

Entries to the 2023 Kitchen Towel Exchange will open February 15, 2023 and must be completed online by midnight, May 22, 2023.

NOTE: The entry form may close earlier if we reach 100 entries.

2023 Rules for the Kitchen Towel Exchange:

  • One entry per MAFA member or conference attendee may be submitted.
  • There is no entry fee. However, if you are submitting remotely (not attending the conference in-person) the committee will provide you with information for shipping your towel and providing a return shipping envelope for your new towel.
  • Open to all levels of weavers, including instructors.
  • Deadline for entries to the Kitchen Towel Exchange is May 22, 2023, or when we reach 100 entries.
  • Entries will be online only.
  • Record keeping – After submitting your entry, complete a Kitchen Towel Project Sheet to share (online is preferred, a paper/pencil version will be made available on request). If you use a pattern that is not your own original, be sure to cite the creator.
  • Submit your Towel Exchange Project Form online no later than June 15, 2023. No towels will be accepted without a project sheet.
  • Label your towel with your full name and the name of your guild. (Label slips will be available to complete and attach when you submit your towel at drop off.)

Information Requested on the Entry Form:

  • All applicable areas of the entry form must be filled in as completely as possible.
  • Contact info
  • Item info – type, materials, and techniques used
  • Inspiration – describe what inspired you to create this item
  • Images

Submission guidelines for Woven Towels

  • Finished size (when planning, be sure to allow for draw-in on the loom and shrinkage in the finishing process):
       – Width: between 14 and 20 inches (this should accommodate those with smaller looms)
       – Length: between 20 and 30 inches after hemming
  • Colors: Weaver’s choice.
  • Weave structure: Weaver’s choice (does not need to be an original design).
  • Fiber content: Cotton, cottolin, linen, or other.
  • Hems: Weaver’s choice (fringed, hemstitched, turned hem, etc.).

Questions? Email the Towel Exchange Coordinator at

2023 Kitchen Towel Exchange Entry Form