Housing and Dining Info:

What housing options are available?

In 2023, we will again be housed in West Village Dorm. West Village is close to the Student Memorial Center, which will host the Marketplace and other MAFA activities, as well as the dining hall. The dorm is air conditioned, and has elevators.

There are three types of rooms available this year:

  • Single: Two rooms, each with one twin bed, sharing one bathroom. You have the option to indicate a suitemate (i.e., the person with whom you will share the bathroom). See a floor plan.
  • Double: Two rooms, each with two twin beds and each with its own bathroom. You will have the option to indicate a roommate AND suitemates (i.e., who is in the other bedroom in the suite). See a floor plan.
  • Private: A single room with one twin bed and private bathroom. No suite arrangement. (Very limited availability on a first-come/first-served basis.)

This year each type of room will have a different cost. See the Registration page for the details.

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Housing and Dining Questions

Where do I go when I arrive on Thursday to check in for the conference and get a key for my room?

Your first stop after parking should be the conference registration desk in The Marketplace at the end of the Student Memorial Center that faces the parking lot. You will receive your name badge and goody bag. Then you can proceed to the West Village Dorm, which is alongside the same parking lot, to receive your room key and meal card, and check into your room.

Conference-Master - Dorm Check in Graphic 2023
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Can I get a single room?

You may request a single room that shares a bathroom with another attendee or a “private” room.  These rooms will be filled on a first come, first served basis and have an added cost.

Can I designate a roommate or suite-mate?

Yes. You can put one or more names of those with whom you want to share a suite on your registration form.

Can a group/guild request to be assigned rooms near one another?

Yes. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate all requests but we will make every attempt to do so. By default, we attempt to assign guilds to rooms that are near one another.

What if I find a roommate after I have already registered?

Use your confirmation number and email address to log in to your registration and add a roommate (or other) information later. Any changes of this kind must be made before May 25, 2023.

What do I need to bring for the dorm room? Download the packing list as a PDF

Beds are furnished with a blanket, pillow, sheets, and pillowcase. Two towels are provided. You may wish to bring an additional blanket and/or an extra-long twin fitted sheet, mattress pad, or a sleeping bag since the mattresses are covered in plastic, and the flat sheets provided tend to slip.  Dorm beds are 36″x80″ (referred to as twin college length, long or sometimes extra-long.)

Remember to bring soap, shampoo, drinking cups, hair dryers, clothes hangers, bath mat, and a plastic or paper bag to use as a wastebasket. A small bedside lamp might also be useful. If it’s hot, you may want to bring a small fan. All rooms are non-smoking. Remember, these are empty dorm rooms.

If you want snacks to share with your suite-mates or guild-mates, you might want to bring those too. The rooms do NOT have refrigerators or microwaves, but these appliances can be found in the dorm kitchens. Please remember that alcohol is NOT permitted in public spaces at Millersville University, and any alcoholic beverages stored in the dorm kitchens may be discarded by dorm staffers.

I have a long drive. Can I arrive on Wednesday night? Or stay over on Sunday night?

You can arrive on Wednesday and pay an additional charge for the single night. The fee includes breakfast and lunch on Thursday. Just select this option on the registration form.  Prices can be found on the Registration page. Sunday night stays are NOT an option, but there are many hotels nearby. 

If you plan to arrive on Wednesday, please think about volunteering to help at the conference. There are lots of ways to assist with set up on Thursday morning and afternoon.

I want to come for the day, but I live too far for a day trip. Can I stay over?

Yes. Day-trippers not taking classes, and who don’t want to drive home after a day of fiber activities may register for Friday and/or Saturday night stays. See the Registration page for room cost. No meals are included with this package, but they can be purchased individually at the dining hall.

Pick up your key at the registration desk in the West Village Dorm lobby.

Is WiFi available on campus? Download 2023 WiFi instructions as a PDF

Yes, there is a WiFi network that covers the campus and dorm. When onsite, subscribe to the MU guest network with your email address.

Is there a gym where we can work out? Or a pool?

Unfortunately, our contract with the university does not include access to the fitness center. However, the campus is conducive to walking and running.

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What is the food like?

The dining facility is a full-service, all-you-can eat dining hall. It provides two hot lines, a salad bar, pizza, burgers, sandwiches and vegetarian options. There is usually a bowl of fresh fruit at the end of the salad bar, and the University makes their own baked goods.

Why can’t I fill my Thermos or water bottle in the dining hall?

Health regulations prohibit filling reusable vessels at the cafeteria beverage dispensers. However, there are several water-bottle filling stations on campus for that purpose.

Is there coffee available all day?

There is a Starbucks in the library that will be open on Friday. (The library is across the street from the SMC.) MAFA will provide a coffee station in each dorm wing’s main lobby, beginning at 6:30 a.m. Friday through Sunday. Feel free to get an early morning coffee and/or to fill your coffee mug to take to class.

I need a special diet. Can you accommodate me?

Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Please note them on your registration form.

I plan to commute. Can I eat in the dining hall on campus with my friends?

The dining hall is an all-you-can-eat facility so unfortunately those who bring their lunch or don’t choose to purchase the meal cannot enter the dining hall. Commuters and Day-trippers can purchase meals individually at the following costs:


Sunday Box Lunches

Sunday lunch is included in your room and board fee. We have found, however, that many attendees prefer to get on the road as soon as the workshops are over on Sunday at noon. New for 2023, all Sunday lunches will be box lunches. Select your lunch choice at registration, and plan to pick up your box lunch as you leave Sunday breakfast, 7:45 – 8:45 a.m. in the ground floor lobby of the dining hall.

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