Deborah Todhunter

Deborah Todhunter started making potholders as a child before advancing to a “real” loom in adulthood. Intermittently weaving on this loom for years while raising two children, she returned to focus on weaving over 20 years ago. During the past 16 years, she has developed and taught workshops on a variety of topics including, shadow weave, huck, crackle, color and weave, twill gamps, M’s & O’s, monk’s belt, Swedish weaves, and others. Deborah has lured many wanna-be weavers into beginner classes with her Scarf-in-a-Day workshop. One of her great pleasures is seeing the joy on a new weaver’s face as they beam with the sense of accomplishment at having created something uniquely their own! It never fails to inspire and energize her.