X-Gasali Adeyemo

Gasali Adeyemo is the third born of five from the small rural village of Ofatedo, located in Osun State Nigeria. My mother was my first and most important teacher in learning the traditional arts of the Yoruba Tribe.
In 1990 I attended the Nike Center for Arts and Culture, where I spent six years. The first two years were spent mastering the arts of batik painting on fabric, indigo dyeing, quilt making, embroidery, appliqué, and batik painting on rice paper. For the following four years, I taught these skills to incoming students at the Nike Center.
Eventually the opportunity to exhibit my work and travel outside of Nigeria presented itself. This experience opened the door to greater opportunities and I have since been traveling the world conducting workshops and exhibitions. My recent workshops include Indigo Sutra in Kolkata India, Mendocino Art Center, and John Campbell Folk School.