Test your fiber trivia knowledge – Saturday July 8, 2023 at 7 pm EDT

Participants must have enrolled in the MAFA 2023 Mini Virtual Conference Pass to play.

Host Jen Weber (and MAFA 2023 instructor) will guide us as we wind our way through 25 fun fiber-y facts, ranging from fairly straight forward to totally twisted and warped! Jen was a big hit during MAFA 2021—what will she have up her sleeve (or under her hat!) in 2023? This event is included with the MAFA Mini Conference Pass, and everyone is welcome to watch the contest to see whose brains contain the most trivial of fiber knowledge. There will be prizes awarded to the top brainiacs. There is a limit of 20 participants (no teams this year). After the entry deadline, we will randomly select 20 participants for Trivia Night and notify you if you are selected, but feel free to watch and test your trivia knowledge along with the competitors.

Sign up to participate in this action-packed event below. Entries for 2023 Trivia Night will close Friday, July 7, 2023, at 6 pm EDT. If we have more than 20 entrants, we will randomly select the players and notify you Friday evening.

Trivia Night Rules:

  • No checking online or physical references for answers. The answers should come from YOU!
  • Individuals compete separately. You are on your honor to supply the answer yourself.
  • Answers will be submitted through the chat channel to the host. The chat will ONLY be visible to the host of the event. Only one answer per question, please. If multiple answers are submitted, only the first will be considered. If time expires before an answer is submitted, no further guessing can be considered.
  • Points are awarded for correct answers. Whether a submitted answer is considered correct is up to the host of the event. Some leeway will be allowed whenever possible, but no bickering please. (This is meant to be fun!). If correct spelling is required, that will be announced with the question, but otherwise it is not necessary.
  • Prizes will be awarded for top scoring teams, as well as randomly drawn participation prizes.
  • In the event of a tie for top placement, there will be additional question(s) to break the tie.

Trivia Night Format:

  • The questions will cover a wide array of fiber arts topics, and will range in difficulty from easy to completely obscure. (This is TRIVIA after all!)
  • Ten minutes prior to the event starting, participants should log into the session.
  • Everyone will have their audio MUTED to keep things fair.
  • Questions will be shown in a slide show that the host will share. The host will read the question and start a timer. When 30 seconds remain, the host will announce a time warning. The host will count down the final seconds as well. After the time is called, no more answers for that question will be accepted.
  • Participants are responsible for typing their answers into the chat channel. The chat will be moderated, so no one will see anyone else’s answers. As the answers come in, the moderator will determine correctness and keep track of the total score for each team. If needed, the moderator and the host will consult to determine if an answer is correct.
  • If there is a question, the participant should type it out in the chat, and the moderator and host will see it and answer it if needed aloud. Please try to keep the chat channel as clear as possible, and only ask questions if you really need to.
  • Once the time is called for the question, the correct answer will be revealed before moving on to the next question.
  • There will be a short intermission halfway through the questions. (If possible, top scores may be announced.)
  • The winners will be announced at the end.

Questions? Contact the Events Coordinator at events@mafafiber.org.