We are back to in-person workshops for MAFA 2o23!

  • All workshops are offered as single, 2-1/2 day, intensive sessions. Students will choose ONE workshop.
  • Find details about all our classes in the list below. Use the filters in the sidebar to refine the class list.
  • Have questions about workshops? Visit the Workshops FAQs, or email the Education Chair at education@mafafiber.org.
  • For classes that fill quickly, there WILL be a waitlist.

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Weaving 101: Weave a Twills Scarf

This class includes getting to know a loom, how to prepare/dress a loom, understanding weaving terminology, and weaving a twill sample scarf on your own loom.

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Focus on the Warp: Controlling Creative Chaos ~ FULL

Students learn non-traditional techniques that allow them to work effectively and efficiently with multiple warp chains and diverse warp elements while designing at the loom.

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Echo and Jin: Playing with Color Chords ~ FULL

An on-loom study of the color wheel and theories of color harmony, based on theories of 20th-century artists Johannes Itten and Josef Albers.

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The Subtle Beauty of Southern Counterpanes ~ FULL

Learn about and weave the structures used to weave fine cotton southern counterpanes – including honeycomb, dimity, spot, huck, and huckaback.

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Flote Work

Learn to read historical drafts with a focus on flote werk, an old name for a favorite weave structure that came to be called overshot in the early 20th century.

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Huck and Friends

Learn the basics of huck, a versatile weave structure that produces lacey fabric. Weave examples of both spot huck and huck lace, and learn how to design using huck structure.

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Shifted Warp Ikat Scarf ~ FULL

Learn to design, wrap, dye, and begin weaving a single dye ikat scarf, learning the basic techniques of the warp ikat process.

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Weaving with Linen

This workshop will provide how best to weave, work with, and store linen with focus on the basics of huck lace.

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Mug Rugs, Miniatures, and More!

Working with the miniature patterns of Bertha Gray Hayes and Josephine Estes, study overshot–and end up with more than samples!

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This Doesn’t Look Like Plain Weave

An exploration of eight different weave structures or techniques with plain weave roots with a special focus on how they relate to plain weave.

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Exploring Rep Weave and Its New Variations ~ FULL

Learn the many applications of rep weave – both classic and non-traditional methods, on 3 to 8 shafts. Many new rep weave structures are inspired by traditional block weaves such as shadow, honeycomb, krokbragd, warp/weft rep.

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Rigid Heddle Immersion ~ FULL

This is a step-by-step rigid heddle weaving class with no weaver left behind and suitable for all levels. Learn quick and easy warping and the basics of weaving.

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Weaving Two Ways on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Weave a bag and warp faced band for the strap on the rigid heddle loom, and learn various techniques to create texture and surface design.

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Western Sakiori

Make a sakiori scarf from silk fabric using the historical Japanese rag-weaving technique. Suitable for RH or shaft looms!

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Exploring Freestyle Weaving

Learn to weave freestyle and free-spirited on a highly approachable and easy-to-use two-shaft SAORI floor loom.

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Sashiko Ori

Learn to weave Sashiko Ori, the distinctive stitched sashiko patterns of Japan that use supplementary warp and weft techniques.

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Split-shed Weaving: One Threading, Multiple Structures

Break out of blocks with split-shed weaving and weave curves and blend colors using continuous wefts on a 4-shaft loom with no special equipment.

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Hachures in Contemporary Tapestry ~ FULL

Learn the design theory of why hachures work and the logic behind how to use different types of hachures in tapestry design.

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Creating Space and Manipulating Texture in Freeform Tapestry Weaving

Want to go beyond the standard “under-over” technique on your tapestry weavings? Let’s explore some advanced closed-shed methods of creating space and texture!

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Block Twills, Their Many Faces and Color Harmonies

Explore the many creative possibilities offered by the combination of block twills and color harmonies to weave a reference sampler.

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Pictures, Piles, Potpourri, and Perplexing Curiosities ~ FULL

Expand your knowledge and experience in weave structures you may have heard of, but may not have woven. It is a weaving adventure for intermediate-to-advanced weavers, and even adventure-seeking beginners.

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Warp it! Paint it! Weave it! ~ FULL

Explore on-loom and off-loom warp painting using fabric paints to apply color to yarn for functional or non-functional pieces.

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Start to Spin, and More! ~ FULL

Learn to spin–and so much more! Explore wheels, fiber prep, drafting techniques, and plying. Perfect for beginners or spinners looking for a refresher.

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Come Ply with Me

From basic plying to novelty yarns, this course will take you into the world of plying with lots of time for practice and experimentation.

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Downy Fibers and Silk—a Spinning Match Made in Heaven ~ FULL

Learn to spin downy undercoat fibers and take control of those expensive little bags of precious fibers you’ve bought.

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Spin The World!

Take a trip around the world making handspun yarns using fibers and materials from around the globe!

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Worsted, Woolen, Woven ~ FULL

Gain inspiration and skill at matching different fleeces for spinning different types of yarn for weaving, and sing about it!

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African Vegan Art

Explore dyeing techniques inspired by Bògòlanfini, Africa’s most unusual and unique traditional textile arts.

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A Natural-Dye Color Wheel

Learn how three primary colors of natural dyes, along with mordants and additives, can be used to dye a color wheel of yarns and fibers.

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Paint, Drip, Dip: Kakishibu Persimmon Tannin & Thickened Dye

Patterning cellulose, silk, and paper using Kakishibu, natural dyes, and thickened fiber reactive dye–techniques suitable for quilts, collages, book making, and art textiles.

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Dye-licious: Colors to Feast On

Breath new life into yarns by creating unique colorways from inspirational images, and dyeing cellulose fibers for use in weaving, knitting, and crochet projects.

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Needle Felting: Finishing and Embellishing Textiles

Learn fun needle felting techniques and create pictorial panels to embellish and construct garments, accessories, and furnishings.

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Fabulous Felt and Nuno-felt Hats

During felt exploration, there will be ample time for experimentation, as well as inspiration, in the creation of fabulous felt and nuno-felt hats.

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Weaving for Felt

Suitable for RH or shaft looms, this class combines two of fiber arts’ best weaving and felting techniques to create new textures that no other method matches.

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Mixed Barks Pouch ~ CANCELED

Design a slim natural purse shape of willow and cedar barks to carry your phone, day book, or sketch pad.

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Takadai Braiding Demystified

Braid on a traditional Japanese takadai designed for making flat, double layered, and three-dimensional braids in simple to complex structures.

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Fabric Necklaces ~ CANCELED

Recycle clothing and fabric scraps to create one-of-a-kind necklaces and jewelry items that incorporate layers of fabric embellished with beads, buttons, and found objects.

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Paper. Book. Art.

Using a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, we will work with common garden plants to bring these fibers to their fullest expression as handmade paper.

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Draft and Sew Your Own Top or Tunic

Sewing your own clothes is satisfying and practical. Drafting your own patterns goes one step further and puts the entire design process in your hands.

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Evening Bags to Market Bags

Bags, purses, and totes – create a carrying vessel of any shape or size, using handwoven or stash fabric.

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Hand Sewn One Yard Shirt

Inspired by a friend’s tunic with simple straight lines, this is the perfect beginner project to learn basic hand sewing garment skills to create a lovely, drapey top. And as a bonus it is almost zero waste!

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Introduction to Japanese Temari

Come and learn all the skills necessary to create temari, the ancient Japanese art of embroidery on a ball!

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